‘Progress Bar: The Game’ is a simple game, yet some people feel anxious while playing. Some get impatient and try to speed it up. Try to just enjoy the moment. Like all the best games, every player will respond to it in their own way. We recommend you simply play the game to see what it is. It's completely free and won't take long.


Why not?


This was created and coded by James Baster. If you want to show your appreciation, leave a fun review. You can also hire him for something more serious or silly (contact JMB Technology Ltd).

Where? When?

The first version of the Android app was coded in 2 hours at Project Ginsberg's Life Designs hack weekend in April 2013. The first version of the website was released in June 2013.

How can I play it? Is it Open Source?

Click one of the links below to play online or download the Android app. You can also get the source code.